Monday, August 25, 2008

ORG Idea #1: Emboss me!

I blame my mother. She worked really hard to ensure that I was able to make choices as a child, and as I got older that translated into me thinking I could always exert said choice - especially when I'm asked.

You'd think wedding registries would be perfect for that. I get to tell you what we (mostly me) would like for our new home. I have tons of stuff already, mostly because when I want it, I figure out how to get it (VISA loves me), but there are some things I had planned to purchase and am now holding off on because the PHI blinged me out. For that same reason, mom and Dani have both been on this "dont get it because you can register for it kick" when I mention things I just have to have.

Since I'm not allowed to purchase these things for myself (my normal course of action), I'm starting what I'm going to call the Off Registry Gift Idea Series (ORG for short). For those of you who believe shopping from someone's registry is completely beneath you (lol) and unoriginal. Trust me, I really do want those plates we (mostly me) picked out, but if you must pick out something original, I can deposit some stuff here that I've been lusting after. And, this is my formal disclaimer that even if I mention it here as an idea, I stil may buy it and use it for the wedding (or not) and probably not add it to the budget. Since we all know how much I love the wedding budget.

So lets get this thing crackin...Off Registry Gift Idea #1: Embosser
(image: paper-source)

From the Paper-Source website: Blind embossing is a technique that raises an image without color. Think braille.

The way it works is you take that first contraption and add a little plate that makes the piece of paper or cardstock that you are imprinting look like this:

(image courtesy: paper-source)

Long story short, they make awesome paper goods....notecards, stationary, envelopes, the list goes on and on! And I really want one. I still toy with the idea of doing wedding stationary with it (mostly thank you notes), but I really dont know if I'll have the time or energy or money come time to put up or shut up.

Which is precisely why its numbero uno on my O.R.G. list. Do not be surprised if you see one of these at our house in the near future!

Now the only question is what kind of plate do I want....


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