Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up: Programs

September has been one of those months. Well, now that I think about it, so was August. Anyway, the invites have gone out, I've finished my pre-wedding DIY list, we've (probably) lost a groomsman and gained his replacement, and everyone's attire is all squared away. I know. You would not know that from the way I've been posting.

So I'm going to try and get you caught up, and then bow out gracefully a few days before the wedding. Deal?

Great. Lets get started. Today lets talk about the program.

I was never one of those brides that considered the program to be optional. Granted, my conceptualization of our program has gone through several permutations, I always knew I wanted one, and that it would be teal and green. Just like every other thing with weddings, there are several ways to skin the cat (sorry Naima and BK :/) and I opted to go with one that would be practical + stylish + simple + easy to assemble. Personally, less is more with me - as a guest I'd like to know whats coming when, what the plans are for the food, and a small thank you for being able to make it. And that's all.

So I set out to create something that would be simple and stylish, not too labor intensive, and still fairly practical (as practical as programs are). Here's what I came up with:

What you're looking at is our single panel, double sided program. the program text is printed on white cardstock, and a slightly larger piece of teal is sandwiched imbetween. Please excuse those ugly blue blocks. I didnt think it was a good idea to put everyone's business out there (including the PHI's whole name), and I really wanted you to see the both sides and how they look on the teal.

Okay, since you were so good with the blue-blocked version, here's a blog-appropriate version of the text:

Before our programs, I'd never seen a program exactly like this. The next closest thing is probably a fan program - which I see all the time. In fact, if I had glued a stick between some of those layers, I could have had a fan. But considering the wedding is inside an AC venue, we did not need a fan. But I liked the concept very much and ran with it. When I did that, I knew that every inch of white cardstock was now prime real estate, and that we'd have to be strategic about what we included on (in, on?) the program.

The front features the PHI and I's full government names, the time and location, and the order of the ceremony. Following the ceremony order, there's a quick written thank you to our loved ones, and perhaps the most important tidbits of info: where to go for cocktails, and what time everyone can eat (lol). The only thing on the back is the bridal party - all 18 of them (19 if you include Godmommy who will be directing the rehearsal and the day-of activities).

Not shockingly, I used the same double border (dotted and solid), and fonts from the other paper-goods. Despite being in the same design family as every other piece of wedding paper, I really struggled with the program design. I like that the front is centered, but the back has a right justified title, and left justified text. I also really like how the green accents turned out. Less is definitely more, and I think the fact that only our names and a few headings are both green and script really helps organize the text and capture your attention.

As with the menus, I had the text printed at Office Depot on white cardstock. This time, to save some cash I found two coupon codes and had them printed in two batches. For 115 sheets (115 programs, front and back on 1 sheet), I spent about $60. The teal I got for a steal at Hobby Lobby. I was able to get 2 teal insides from a sheet and spent about $4. Throw in another $10 for adhesive and it brings the grand total for programs up to about $75. Not bad at all.

Assembly went much more smoothly as I learned my lesson from those blasted menus. I made sure that I had plenty of hands on deck and was able to knock them out over several glasses of wine and sangrias while 4 of my maids were in town for my Atlanta shower. I did all of the cutting, but BM Melissa and MdOH Dani did an awesome job making sure everything got glued together. Even the PHI got involved and helped to do some of the gluing. I was so proud. He was very careful with the materials (apparently I give off this anal vibe - lol) and did a really good job.

Sooo...I think thats all I had to say about the programs.

Oh wait, one more thing: Programs, Check!


  1. ah yeah! hearing you're knocking that stuff out is what keeps me going! lol. love to see a plan come to life!

  2. If anyone gets a crooked program blame it on the wine! :)

  3. No cat skinning allowed! LoL!!

    Yeah...I feel kind of bad about bowing out on the program creation, but I suspect that I would have done more harm than good by that point of the weekend. Yay for getting them done though!


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