Saturday, April 25, 2009

DIY Week: Wanna Make a Toast? (day six/bonus)

Since DIY officially ended yesterday, and I dropped the ball on this last would-be Drive By, I'm posting it today - without a whole lot of hype or text. Its almost not even enough post to call it a drive I'll call it a bonus - lol.

{please excuse the crappy pic, I had a hard time getting a quasi-decent one}

This, my lovely readers, is one of our etched-glass toasting flutes. They (like most of my projects) began with me being disgusted about how much ugly, generic wedding accessories can cost. Being me, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a set of plain toasting flutes for about $7, and then proceeded to personalize them by etching the glass using etching cream and some bootleg stencils.

Naturally, they are etched with "J ♥ P" and "P ♥ J" (not shown).

Glass etching was an interesting experience. You had to be really careful about where the etching cream ends up, which generally keeps you on edge until you've finished the project. But I like the simplicity of the etched glass, and how they could easily be used post-wedding for champagne or (my fave) mimosas.

For the sake of brevity, I won't go into the logistics of etching glass. I really just wanted to show them to to you (and cross them off my DIY list - lol). Let me know if you want me to post a tutorial, k.

Happy Weekend!


  1. you're insane!!!

    You are too good at this!
    Why didn't you just go ahead and make your wedding dress!?!?!

  2. @Adei: lol, cause I cant sew!

  3. you can't sew!??! but you can do everything else! i didn't even know you could etch your own glass. i love my handwriting and that's pretty cool. maybe i'll do that one day.


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