Friday, January 9, 2009

DIY Details: Signage

click on it to know you want to!

To date, we have taken care of the majors: we have a place, a date, someone to prepare the food, take the pictures, and everyone mostly has something to wear (even me). So now it feels like we're basically dealing in details.

So what have I been cooking up? Those lovelies at the top of this post. Say hello to our table numbers, reserved seating signs, and our bathroom basket signs! Now people will know where to sit, where not to sit, and who provided the goodies in the bathroom (people would assume I did it anyway - lol). The swirly font is Freebooter Script, and the plainer font is Century Gothic. I'll be using those two on everything (so get used to it).

Oh, and so you can see my the reserved seating signs in action, I did a mock-up:

I wont spend the remainder of this post prattling on about what I would have done differently. Believe it or not, it took me very little time to design and assemble them (not like that aisle runner that I still have some choice words for) so I consider them to be a rewarding use of my time. Plus, for those of you (still) struggling with the kiwi/teal combo, I think my signage provides a lovely preview.

Long story short: I already love them to pieces.
Next stop on the DIY train? Gotta get those save the dates out.


  1. Patti J, this is AWESOME!

    OMG, when my time comes, can I hire you? to do ANYTHING?! I can't believe these are DIY! get it!

  2. You sure can girl. I love this kind of stuff :)


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