Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Several of you have asked about the future of the blog - namely when I was going to change the title and its description. Well, a few months ago I'd already decided that when the time came, I'd start a new blog - leaving Soon to Be Mrs. Patti in tact as my place to chat about our wedding.

My new blog is called Welcome to Mrs. Smithville, and there I'll continue to talk about the wedding (but from my current perspective) as well as whatever else is going on in my life that is blogworthy. I've moved my post-wedding posts from Soon to be Mrs. Patti over, but will be double posting anything directly wedding related (namely recaps).

So come see my new place. I hope you'll make yourself comfy and spend some QT in Smithville.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Google Bride, or, What Google Failed to Mention (part 3)

...and we are back. If you?ve stayed through Parts 1 and 2 you know that the day was full of surprises. Only 2 more surprising things to discuss.

Google failed to mention....

6. How difficult sitting would be. I knew my dress, in all of her fabulousness was a thick. And even though she fit like a glove, sitting was an ordeal. An ordeal Im sure that our videographer and several guests witnessed. That is why having our meal served (see #4) was a nice treat. Usually, when I needed to sit down the Hubs had to step in and assist (by pushing the chair, or just supporting me as I plopped down). We ended up taking the hotel shuttle to and from the venue and that was just as difficult. I could not see my feet for most of the day, so lets just say getting in and out of that shuttle was ?fun? And by fun, I mean scary and slightly unnerving.

7. How being fully in the moment can be joyously overwhelming. I cant describe the experience of walking down the aisle towards the man of your dreams. It was amazing. And exhilarating. And overwhelming. I was on the verge of tears as soon as we got to the venue. It was like the hugeness of the event that was about to transpire got the best of me. But I was still experiencing extremely positive affect. I managed to wait til it was time to walk down the aisle to cry. By the time I got to Hubs, I had composed myself again. But the feeling was still there. And it hung out with me for the rest of the day. Because for the rest of the day I tried to stay in the moment. Time to cut the cake? I am there. Dancing at the reception and entertaining friends in our suite afterwards...there and loving every minute. It was an wonderful on-another-level-type-of-day and I tried to be fully present and in the moment for thrill of it all.

That is all I got for now. As I look back over this list, I will concede that some of these things I probably needed to experience to believe or did not know to Google. But some of the others? I feel like that stuff should have shown up in at least one of my queries. Oh well. I was not informed, but I am okay with knowing that at least I have passed the knowledge on to you. And now we all know!

The Google Bride, or, What Google Failed to Mention (part 2)

In Part 1, I started sharing some surprising aspects of my wedding day experience. But I only got through the first part of the day. Lets pick up where I left off. Some other stuff Google failed to mention was...

3. How hot it was going to be under my dress.Its okay, I know its funny. You can laugh. Google told me that the average high temp on October 3rd was going to be mid-80s. I grew up in SoFla, so that was not surprising. What was surprising was how hot I got under my dress. Like, under the skirt part. My upper body and torso were fine (thanks to MdOH Dani and her pre-corset regimen), but it was unbelievably hot down by my legs. I wanted to lift up my skirt to get a breeze. Over and over again. Too bad I had on too much dress to pull this off effectively.

4. Some brides and grooms eat at their reception. I have no idea why it is common for the newlyweds to skip the actual eating part of their reception (usually not on purpose). Well, that is not true. The eating part is an excellent time for the couple to visit each table and greet their guests. But there was NO WAY we were spending all that money on food to turn around and not eat it. So we ate when everyone else did. The event staff even served us, so we did not have to get up (you will see why that is important soon). I am proud to report that I know first hand that our brunch was delish. And worth (just about) every penny we paid for it. Yumm.

5. That when dumped in orange juice, cheap champagne is just as satisfying as something more expensive. How do I know? Because I consumed more champagne and mimosas on October 3rd than I have in my entire life. The champagne I was drinking cost about $5 a bottle (of course I got it on sale), and tasted great. Well, the part that I could discern was not the OJ tasted great. I looove mimosas.

Lets hit pause. At this point we have been outside (to have our pictures taken) and eaten something. Plus and plus. There are a couple more things that I want to share in Part 3.

...(one more time) to be continued.

The Google Bride, or, What Google Failed to Mention (part 1)

I debated on when to come back to the blog because I really wanted to go right into recaps. But our professional photos aren?t back yet (and my photographer is getting married this weekend ? congrats Chelsey!), so I?m going to wait to do the official wedding recaps. In the meantime, I?ll just find something else to prattle on about. Today?s victim: resourcefulness...or things that managed to surprise me on wedding day. Lemme explain and then you can decide for yourself what I?m really talking about.

I consider myself to be fairly resourceful. When it came to wedding planning, I often needed a prompt answer because I was trying to make a quick, but informed decision. My favorite place to consult? The interwebs. Google in particular. And over time, my friends started calling me ?the Google Bride.? It also didn?t help that I kept saying ?I read that [insert conversation point] on the internet...? or ?all you gotta do is Google [insert subject}? lol.

And while I feel like Google kept me pretty well informed on the wedding front, there were several things that I felt surprisingly unprepared for. It?s like Google failed to mention...

1. It was plausible that I would be calm and pleasant while getting ready. Everything I read about this part in the timeline suggested that it would be crazy, hectic, and that I would not feel like I had enough time to do anything. That was not the case. Even with the hair and makeup schedule being a little behind (or at least I think it was...I wasn?t wearing a watch and they took away my BBerry), I did not feel rushed. Thanks to my fab ?maids I was able to ease into the day and spend some quality time chatting and laughing with my favorite ladies.

2a. That several people would attend the ceremony and not stay for the reception ? and not tell us. Including out of town guests! Ya?ll know how I feel about wedding guest behavior: people need to do better! Okay, moving on to my second point...

2b. Almost everyone showed up. I?d read in several places that a significant percentage of people who RSVPd would end up not attending the wedding. Its one of those things that you cant really prepare for (cause its always plausible that they could turn up). However, I am pleased to report that only 2 people that RSVPd did not actually make it to the event. I just was not expecting that! But it?s a good unexpected. Since we?d already paid for their food ? lol.

But that was just the beginning. In Parts 2 (and 3), I?ll talk about several other places where The Google Bride was caught unawares.

...to be continued.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guess Who's Back?!

Me! With a husband!

Most days I wake up and I still cant believe it.

For those of you who haven't seen the pics on facebook, the day was absolutely fabulous. Everyone looked fantastic, the decor was my envisioned simple elegance, and the events proceeded according to schedule - including us starting on time (take that nay sayers). Despite it being one of the fastest days of my life, I was a very calm and pleasant bride. And I probably had some of that glow that you hear about on TV.

Yes, I was definitely sleep deprived.
Yes, I had barely enough of my voice left to say my vows.
Yes, our officiant remixed our ceremony...while it was in progress.
Yes, I needed an under-my-dress cooling system.
And yes, our cash bar never actually made it to the event.

But all of that pales in comparison to how AMAZING the day was.

I am so happy...and unbelievably blessed.

Quick note: I went back to work today, so I figured it was time to come back to ye ole blog. I missed ya'll.