Saturday, August 30, 2008

Surprise Wedding Gifts Rock

A couple of weeks ago a mysterious package was sitting at my backdoor. I was expecting my FM transmitter for the iPod to be back there, but this other books was truly a mystery. I know mom hadn't sent anything because she would have asked about it. I really didn't know who it was from and eventually gleaned that it was sent from the Greater Palm Beaches. Home! A package from home! But from who?

I didn't get a clue until I opened it. And on top was a print out of an email on how to vote for a girl I know who was vying to be a red carpet reporter at the Emmys. It was some Tube contest which mom had told me about, so I now knew which family this was from. But a couple sheets of paper is not worth a box, right? The box was for some really gorgeous towels! Ivory with an Old Gold (yes, I did say old gold...look it up if you don't have a reference point....try patterned border. They wouldn't be something I'd typically pick out since I'm into bright colors and almost all of my towels are a different color, but they are perfect for like a guest bath.

And they screamed their sender. Ms. Lerna is really quite a lady. Immensely thoughtful and pretty fabulous in her own right, she's one of those people who you just enjoy being around. And she sent us our first gift! Interestingly, there was no card, but I knew Fran (the daughter and red carpet announcer contest winner didn't send them. These screamed her mom.

And that meant our first thank you note was in order. I promptly ordered some pretty cute standard thank you notes from and patiently awaited for their arrival. I figure we can have a wide variety of thank you type notes - ones that match the invites, some that feature our gifts, and even just solid ones for before the invites go out. Plus, I keep thank you notes on hand. In my older age, I really wanted to be the kind of girl who sent thank you notes for gifts. So I became her and I always have some on hand.

I sent Ms.Lerna's TY note on Thursday and she should be getting it this weekend. It was such a lovely gift, enhanced by the fact that it was a total surprise.

Surprise gifts rock. The fact that its a wedding gift that makes the surprise that much sweeter. I ♥ Ms. Lerna. She rocks.


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