Thursday, October 30, 2008

I ♥ shoes

If you hadn't noticed, I'm really trying to turn it around this week on the 'tude front. Perhaps I'm over compensating, but I dont want you to get the wrong idea about me and this wedding planning thing. Despite the days flying by, I generally am enjoying the idea of marrying the PHI, planning the parties to celebrate, and getting all dolled up.

I am also really excited about getting new shoes. The fabulous dress needs fabulous shoes, and since it doesnt look like I can wear anything I currently own (I promise, I've tried), I've been kind of shopping for new shoes. Kind of. See, I've been trying to be practical about the whole bridal shoe thing. And I haven't purchased anything, but I keep falling in love with pairs like these:

Nine West Jiopa in Natural Satin, $79.99 at

They are so gorgeous, and they are NineWest (my personal favorite shoe brand)! I just am not sure if they match my dress. Actually, I'll probably need to decide if I care that my shoes match my dress and then just go with shoes that I love...oh, and shoes that I can hopefully wear again after the wedding...ooh and on sale.

Before I forget, just wanted to let you know I'm checking out a little early this week. The PHI will be in town and I'll be boo-ed up for the weekend. Were also taking our e-pics on Saturday, so I'll have plenty to talk about next week :)

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  1. Love the Shoes!!!
    And since I love the dress too,I think I'm qualified to say that you are going to look great.


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