Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Going Home!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you that right about now I'm on an airplane headed to sunny South Florida for a long awaited mini-vacay and wedding business trip.

On the Florida to-do list:

1. Taking mom to the location. She's never seen it, and its hard to talk about logistics, decor, etc when she doesn't have a visual. We will be fixing that tomorrow.

2. Talking to the caterer..ahem event planner. Again, mom has never met her, and we havent met since we met so it will be good to sit down with her, talk budget and making the menu more brunchy, give mom and I both the chance to ask a tons of questions (I already have a list), and just get on the same page since the wedding is less than a year away (ahh!).

3. Kick it with some of my people. Actually, 2 of my 'maids live in town. My maid of honor/best friend/podmate (were 2 peas in a pod) and one of my favorite teachers. Hmm, I havent really introduced you to them...I better get on that. Anyway, they are on the list and since they'll be standing with me on my big day, we can lump them into the wedding business category.

4. Recruit the other 5 kids that are going to be in our wedding. Yes, I said "other five." If all goes to plan, there will be 6 little ones in our wedding. Blame it on us not being able to choose. I love all my little cousins and I couldn't decide so I figured we'd just find little jobs for everyone. I haven't talked to their parents yet, but mom and I feel like everyone will be on board to participate.

5. Talk to our officiant. I mentioned how he called us out in church the other day (by announcing our wedding to the congregation) and how he hadnt officially told us yes. I'll see him on Sunday. And even if I have to get some smoke signals, I want to be able to say "Officiant? Check." No question mark.

6. Spend as much time as I can with my mama. As you may have surmised, mom is one of my best friends. Seriously. We talk all the time, and thanks to the PHI blinging me out, we talk quite a bit about our wedding. Consider her the co-wedding planner. So yes, mom did just make the wedding list on a technicality, but she is totally on there.

Whew, that's quite a list, huh. When I'm not "working" for the wedding, I plan to be chillaxing, kicking it with the family, doing some good for the alma mater, and enjoying being in south Florida. Unfortunately that means I wont be blogging. I'll be back on Sunday, so expect something from me late Monday or on Tuesday, k.


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