Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bride's Hair Revisited

I've started to give a good bit of thought to my wedding day hair. Not the style per se but what going in/on it. In addition to veils, tiara's or hair combs are the typical wedding hair adornment. I'm definitely wearing some kind of veil (type TBD), I'm COMPLETELY against tiaras (like seriously, its a rant-worthy topic for me) and hair combs are okay....as long as they don't look like mini tiaras (lol). Flowers are also an increasingly popular choice. They kind of add a dainty romantic feel to wedding hair, and can be silk or live depending on your tastes and price points.

The other day at the bridal salon I tried on a hair comb that was covered in pearls, rhinestones and crystals and I was pleasantly surprised. So pleased that I vowed to find something with a similar feel but at a much better price point - the one in the salon was $95 - to wear in my own hair.

Last week I blogged about a brooch, and how I never really considered one before I saw it, AND how it could work in my hair. Well, after talking to some of my friends I was completely convinced that a brooch would work. However, I wasn't quite ready to let go of my flower idea and vowed to find a way to work it all in together if I could (and if it wasn't too expensive).

Well, on Sunday, I found this:

I not-so-randomly popped into Kohl's that evening (I'd been wanting to go all weekend) to look around and randomly found it...on sale. It a flower...in an abstract rhinestone and pearl brooch packaging. Like a 3 in one hair accessory! I also found some serious contenders for earring choices too, but I only bought this brooch. And the best part? It only set me back $12!

Another idea is to attach the brooch to a silk flower (or part of a silk flower) kinda like this one I found on Etsy:

Minus those feathers of course. In fact, I think I have a ivory rose sitting in my bathroom left over from my "flower in the hair" days. Maybe I'll play around with that later on today.

Perhaps when I'm older I'll be the type of lady that wears brooches on my lapel or to hold a scarf or something, but right now this thing only has a future in my hair. The current hair plan is to wear it pulled back off my face and neck with some texture and body - think: curly low updo. I think my new brooch, I mean "hair accessory," will be lovely perched on the side, providing a little bridal bling underneath my veil.

...and what's better than bridal bling? Bridal bling on sale.


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