Thursday, November 20, 2008

The struggle continues

Purses are so not on my list of priorities for my wedding day look. Think about it: its almost silly to think that you'll be concerned about toting around a purse on your wedding day. That's what MJ is for - she'll tote the things I'd need to put in a purse and make sure my actual bag appears along with my other post-wedding wedding.

But then I see crap* like this:

(found it here)

..and I feel my "practical-budget-conscious" veneer start to crack in the name of another absolutely fabulous matching accessory. I've seen this clutch around the way before. Its always been out of the (non-existent) clutch budget. Technically its on sale right now. Sad when the "sale" price is still lightyears beyond what I am allowed to spend.

I am strugglin ya'll. Its not easy being on a budget. ♥

*Please note, there isn't actually a crappy bone in its silky body. If you couldn't tell, I am swooning - just trying to maintain my street cred...and failing miserably.


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