Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not a good posting week

Hey ya'll!

I've been a crazed bride this week. Between school and work and wedding...its been quite a week already.

I'm headed to South Florida on Friday for the holiday break and this time, I have quite a list of wedding-related crafts that I plan to accomplish:

1. Get the guestbook approved. See, I decided that instead of a wishbowl, I wanted a tangible book for our guests to sign. But that I hate those bland and ugly things they market as "guest books." Enter Blurb. Thanks to Blub, the PHI and I are going to have a photoguest book. So while our guests are signing their names, they can peruse living color pics of us. I started the book last night, but want to have another set of eyes see it before I get it published. MamaP will probably get that job.

2. Make 20 table runners. In my infinite bridal brillance, I decided that a good way to incorporate teal into the decor (and personalize the space as MamaP would say) would be to make table runners. I found this delicious dark teal satin at Hobby Lobby and proceeded to buy a whole bunch of it. MamaP and I are planning to make 20 table runners - if we dont end up having 20 tables, we'll use them elsewhere. If we (God forbid) need more than 20, then I can pick up more fabric. Best part? I got to use a 40% off coupon and got 17 yards of fabric for about $30.

3. Aisle runner. Yes, another runner project. Starting to see a trend eh? This will probably be the bane of my existence while I'm home, but I created a simple monogram and will be painting it on our gift-ed aisle runner sometime before the PHI hits town.* Im thinking it will take me at least a few hours to get it where I want it to be.

4. Ring bearer pillow. Sometimes I forget we have a ring bearer (in fact, we have 2 little boys in our wedding, but only 1 ring bearer). This past weekend, I completed all 3 flower girl baskets and realized the ring bearer didnt have anything to tote down the aisle. Ring bearer pillows are on that same list with guestbooks and flower girl baskets - most of the one's you see in the stores are ugly and bland. Oh, and did I mention overpriced? I spent maybe $15 on 3 flower girl baskets - total. And will complete our ring bearer pillow for maybe $5. I picked up some cute polka dot cotton fabric at (where else) Hobby Lobby and a roll of ivory satin ribbon and plan to hook it up. This will probably be the easiest project. I can work on this pillow while I'm watching my morning dose of Charmed.

So that's the part of my wedding craft list that I plan to complete at home. If I can, I'd also like to take Godmommy/florist to see the venue, work out the plans for flowers, go bridesmaid dress shopping with some of my 'maids (a record 4 of them will be in town for Christmas) and knock out some more wedding thank you gifts. Oh, and then theres the requisite answering questions about the wedding. I imagine the family will have lots of questions and instead of going through MamaP will come straight to the source.**

Whew. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

My growing non-wedding to-do list is starting to loom over me, so I'm going to run now. I may be back briefly tonight or tomorrow, but to be on the safe side, the next time you hear from me I'll probably be in sunny SoFla!

*The PHI is coming to FL for Christmas! He's coming down on the 23rd and were leaving together on the 29th.

**Well, thats what I would do.


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