Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reading It Into Existence: Part 2

I got another reading to share today. It's a fairly strong contender on the possibles list.
an excerpt from Resignation
by Nikki Giovanni

I love you
because the Earth turns round the sun
because the North wind blows North

because the Pope is Catholic
and most Rabbis Jewish
because Winters flow into Springs
and the air clears after a storm
because only my love for you
despite the charms of gravity
keeps me from falling off the Earth
into another dimension

I love you
because it is the natural order of things.
When I talk to people about the PHI and I's relationship, I almost always use the phrase "it feels so natural" as if he and I were just meant to be and we finally found each other. I think thats why I'm drawn to this particular reading - sista Nikki is saying I love you because thats just what I do.

'Cause that's just how we roll.


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