Monday, February 9, 2009

Cole, you're killing me

I already have shoes.
Fabulous teal shoes (that I realized I haven't shown you yet)
Shoes that I wish I had more places to wear.
Shoes that my bestie loves to see me in because I love to wear them.
I have a new attitude in those shoes.
Imagine me...more fab than I normally am.
Yup, thats me in those shoes.
And I get to get married in them!

I promise I was not even shopping for shoes.
But when Miss Hot Cocoa blogged about these, I had to go check you out.
I know that NikeAir sole.
I know how it makes heels feel like flats.
I know that when I see stuff like this:

click here to get to the promised land

...I seriously consider wanting new shoes.

Cole, you're killing me.
Hear those screams? That's my closet saying!

Didya know they're all dyable?
Yeah, now its killing you too.
Welcome to my world folks.


  1. I meant to tell you about those... sorry... most of those styles will be in our store in the next month or two. so when you come down, you might be able to try them, and see how well they actually fit. Dyable! crazy right?

  2. I'm so on a ballet slipper kick. But seeing how i'm only 5'1.5, I think a heel will be mandatory.


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