Monday, April 27, 2009


I found this yarn and fabric flower wreath on WeddingBee today, and am swooning. I think it was posted today, but I'm not really sure.* Anyway, the bride blogger posted a tutorial, so I definitely think I can re-create my own version. I'm just a little held up on whether or not I should.

Hanging them on a door seems to be the most natural place for them. There are definitely two doors that open up to the ceremony/reception space that could use a little decoration. Then of course, there are the front doors to the venue. Arguably, several small ones could be hung down the aisle (4 on each side or so), or....really the possiblities seem endless.

So, whatcha think? Worth exploring, or not worth my time? Would you keep them kind of large to make a statement, or make small ones? And where would you hang them? Thanks ya'll!

*Several weeks ago, I purged my Google Reader of all things that were making me anxious about the wedding, or that I simply did not enjoy reading anymore. My former-beloved WeddingBee did not make the cut. Its something about the fact that there are almost a couple dozen posts a day was almost single handedly sending me into wedding overload. That and the fact that there were so many new bees and their personalities were just running together. So I quit WeddingBee. I do pop over there a couple times a month just to see what the new goings on are, but for the most part I don't feel like I'm missing very much.


  1. i think the doors to the reception hall would be plenty if you just had to have it. but you really have plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

    a couple dozen posts a day??? i would lose my mind after day one. i'm gonna need a digest of that. i need a planner when my day comes. i don't have your patience or joy for this sort of stuff and i thought i liked crafts. you have put me to shame.

  2. ditto Jam.

    a P on one door and J on the other, done.

    or do you reeeeeeeally want something else to do?

  3. Ladies, you're right. I already have a P and J that I can hang from ribbon to decorate the doors (white wooden letters). I'll probably just stick with that - lol.

    Besides, its not like I need another project...the few projects left on my list will be enough work between now and October :)


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