Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its been a long time...

...I shouldn't have left you.
At the very least, I shouldn't have left you without reading materials.
I'm sorry ya'll.

I know its been awhile since I blogged. In fact, MamaP mentioned it yesterday. Yes, my mama. My mama who reads my blog and giggles. My mama who assumes that I blog because I'm an only child and I need someone to talk to (she's not terribly off base with that one). So when MamaP noticed I hadn't posted in awhile, I knew it was time to comeback.

You're probably wondering what happened.

Well, when I got home from Spring Break, I needed a break from the wedding. So I took one. At first I was just tired of talking about the wedding. But then I realized I didnt feel like writing about it either. I think all brides get to this place at some point in the planning process. I was overdue for a small vacay.

Despite self-imposing a wedding-vacay, I was still doing wedding stuff. But mostly just the bare minimum. As an example of my wedding-negligence, there are about 6 save the dates that need to go in the mail. Have I sent them yet? Nope. Am I worried? Not really. They'll go out soon enough.

Long story short, I'm back, refreshed, and bearing lots lots more wedding goodness to share. We only have 6 months left!

And as a peace offering, if you promise to come back by later today, I promise to tell you about my first (and hopefully last) wedding craft failure, and its replacement plan.

See ya in a bit.

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