Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's My Birthday!

{My 5-year old (at the time)little cousin Tori took this pic of me on my 26th birthday.
Yes, she is definitely in the wedding.
In fact, I'd put my money on her being the one who actually does her job properly.}

Guess who turned 27 today?! Me!
How do I feel? In a word: blessed.
Honestly, twenty-seven feels alot like 26...but better.

This was a low key birthday. Lunch with my work-friends, take out from one of my favorite restaurants, a small birthday cake, and an evening full of doing absolutely nothing (except for visit with you, my lovely blog readers). The PHI had to work today (no complaints here, thankful he has a job), so we'll have couple birthday time tomorrow when we're both off from work. We'll probably sleep late, get something fun to eat, and catch a movie.

Interestingly, I've had a birthday celebration of some sort more years than I have not. No wonder I'm enjoying wedding planning - its a natural next step from planning almost 25* birthday parties. This year, I'm not having a party per se, but I will get to spend the entire weekend with 3 of my favorite people - the PHI (of course) and my podmates BM Dani and GM Brew. They're making the trek up to Athens from Florida to hang out this weekend. I like to tell them that they've known me so long (and so well) that they are officially a liability. I love those two to pieces, and the PHI and I are THRILLED that they are spending the weekend with us (he's pretty wild about them too). Its going to be a fab weekend and I cant wait.

Today was a really good day, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. A little birthday celebration today...a little tomorrow...a little Friday...a little get the point.

Cant wait!!

*okay, so its safe to assume that MamaP planned the first five parties or so. Id have to ask to be sure, but I know around that age I started telling her what kind of party I wanted to have, the color scheme, the activities, etc - lol.


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