Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This past weekend was AWESOME!

As many of you know, my besties (aka MdOH Dani and GM Brew) were in town this past weekend. We had an awesome time (as evidenced by this photo taken one moring in our pjs). I even got to talk to GM Brew about our invites (more details to come, promise), and show MdOH Dani some wedding stuff in person. Seriously, the pictures just dont do some of this stuff justice.

When I think about my bridal party, I never think about them in the context of "traditional roles." I've always been a believer in the idea that your bridal party is part of your wedding team, and that each individual has a talent. MdOH Dani's talent is that she is supportive. Like, so supportive that she is willing to listen to all (yes ALL) of my wedding ideas. Regardless of cost, or labor, or sheer level of absurdity. You need people like that - who will support your ideas, click on however many links to personalized reusable shopping bags you send, and help you come up with a budget friendly justification when you two have deemed that its a must-have-find-a-place-in-the-budget type of purchase. Again, regardless of the level of absurdity. We dont talk crafts (aside from "look what I made). I go to MnOH Krissi or BM Tamerah for that. But if I'm having a bad bridal day (e.g. stressed, overwhelmed, too many things on the list, etc), I usually find her first...then MamaP...you get the point.

GM Brew is a similar but different story. I've always considered GM Brew as a voice of reason in my life. If I need someone rational, I call him. He'll tell you if you're getting out of pocket, but still love you unconditionally if you decide to stay there (lol). If you know that you're considering buying something you shouldn't, call GM Brew. An accountant by profession, he is quick to bring you back to the bottom line: where does it fit in the budget. Like those personalized cocktail napkins. I cant tell you how many times he and Dani have talked me off the edge of the sidewalk with those (Sidenote: MnOH Krissi suggest we make our own. I haven't abandoned that idea yet - lol). I really want them, but they're a frivolous expense that we just don't need.And he does not hesitate to underscore that point whenever I bring them up.

See, thats love.

I dont think I can say enough about these two. I just ♥ them. And I really love when they come to visit. Cant wait for the next episode in July. The PHI and I will be in our new place, and we're celebrating Shayne's birthday. V.fun times ahead indeed.


  1. Seriously I can't even look @ those pics without dying from laughter! It was a blast glad we could bring our foolishness to Athens and turn it out :) Luv Ya!

  2. awwww! so cute! it's always great to have fantastic friends.

  3. awwww! i love that collage shot!!! so cute!

    was that done on a mac photobooth??


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