Friday, July 11, 2008

Graphic Designer I Am Not: Website Update


So ever since a couple nights ago (geez, its been that long? Maybe it feels like last night because I didnt really make it to sleep last night...I'm okay I, I dont know what was going on but I have an idea).

I digress.

The point was, ever since mentioning that I wanted to do a site for the PHI...

Pause. Sorry, lemme explain. Jase read the blog about calling him FI and instead of pronouncing it "fee," he pronounces it "phi" which I actually thought was pretty cute. I told him I'd do him one better: if were going to call it phi, we may as well spell it that way. And for him, its double the joy because his fraternity has a lovely Phi in the middle, and now he'll get a PHI as hi moniker...if I remember to use it, lol.

Anway, after blogging about using a blog for our wedding website, I hit the ground running. Essentially, the theme is "simply stated, I heart u" and I created this header thingie last night that incorporates some of the fonts from the invites. Earlier I went in and souped up the blog to look far less bloggy - took off the nav bar, adjusted the margins of the main post section and the sidebar, made the posts a navigation menu, added drop caps to the first paragraphs of the posts, and added a guestbook...which mom has already signed (love her).

Right now I'm kinda stymied on the banner. And I want to do a footer as well. I emailed my cousin who is our resident knower of all things computer, graphic, and graphic design to see if she could point me in the proper direction. I know she is very busy, so hopefully she can help me get something worked out between now and September.

Long story short, its coming along quite nicely and I am pleased. I'm also fatiuged, but I think thats mostly a function of little to no sleep. Ooh, lets not focus on that...



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