Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lo Siento

Yes, I know what day it is...and it looks nothing like Saturday (or Friday or whenever it was I promised to come back and clear up the mysterious origins of that rather large picture). I'm sorry. Really, I am. Weekends kinda fly by on me, and I find myself trying to ride the ebs and flows that becoming an increasingly anxious person inflict on me.

I digress.

Im back today and I've come prepped to clear up a bit of controversy. What you have been looking at is a mock-up..mood board so to speak of my proposal for man wedding day attire. It occured to me on last Thursday that perhaps a tux was a bit formal for our morning wedding. Yes, tuxes are traditional but I think that sometimes tradition is motivated by people not knowing their options or being too lazy to look into some (sorry, stepping down from the soapbox).

I cant remember who I mentioned it to first. I'd love to say that I went to Jase with it first...but come-on, realistically I probably mentioned it to mom. I know Dani heard about it after I told Jase. Well mom was completely on board. Not only did it mean that Jase could get a pretty nice suit (I'm envisioning one that is tailored so perfectly that the only way to get it off would be to peel it off his sexy frame....ooops...sorry...re-focusing back to the topic...), but the groomsmen can wear black suits that they already own and we'd maybe do their ties as part of their groomsmen attire. And since all of the groomsmen have travel plans to add to their wedding budget, this may infact save them a bit of cash. Most men our age own a decent black suit...if they decide to get a new one for the occasion, thats totally on them.

Now I'd like to think that Jase is a relatively open guy. But this suit thing was an uphill battle. What you may fail to realize about JS is that his initial impression of things (esp. wedding related) is a bit of resistence...not because he is truly against the idea, but because its so new. And I know that about him, so when I prep myself to present a novel idea, I know I may have to do some fast talking and have some citations/sources/examples prompted and ready to throw out at a moments notice. Not to pop my own collar, but I usually do a good job of at least explaining myself, and alot of times he is completely on board when I'm done. And after my looong and fast (I talk/tpye a little faster when I'm trying to explain myself partially to combat being shut down....wanna get all my points out - lol) explanation of my seemingly brilliant idea, what did he say?

He still didnt get it. My baby needed a visual.

Again, not surprising. He is PHInominal (I made that up...cute huh) but he is still a man. And most men I know need to kinda see it before they get it. I've gotten around this with Jason in a variety of ways. Most of the time I actually show him something (email, in person, whatever), but when I cant give him a visual because it really only exists in my minds-eye, I have used an experiential approach (a la "imagine you are a guest at the wedding and you...) - which also works.

My baby is very smart :)

But anyway, enough of the how to handle JS lesson, I kinda anticipated him wanting to see it and had already started working up a plan. The result? That mysterious picture featuring suspiciously coincidental green and white attire! The plan is for Jase to be in the white (I love love loooove the white damask stripe tie -is the exact tie I had in mind) including a vest, and the guys will be in some sort of green tie. Although the wedding colors are a kiwi green, I'd be okay with another shade of green. Like I love the pin dot tie, but I know #1 the green is a clover rather than kiwi, and #2 the men-folk may reject a dotted tie. So I'm prepared for that...I'll get my polkas in somewhere! What will probably happen is the guys wear one of the lighter green ties. And I'm okay with that.

Really I am.

Plus, it will be very nice with the ladies in their plum. Maybe some kind of green/purple boutenieere (sp?) for the guys. Idunno, I havent gotten that far yet. What I do know is that im not feeling the groomsmen wearing vests, so I hope Jase isnt really married to that (pun intended- lol). If we were going to go the coordinated vest and tie look for everyone, we'd be better off getting tuxes. And the point is not to be quite that formal, but still stylish, sexy, comfortable, cool, (literally and fashion-y), and coordinated. So we'll just have to see.

So there! I've cleared up the controversy and you managed to learn a bit about how to communicate with my [PHInominal] future-husband in the process. I'd like to think that was worth the wait...but we already know my mind works in mysterious ways. So I'll just continue to think that, and you're welcome to think what you want.


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