Saturday, August 23, 2008

P.T.I and new ♥'s

PTI is one of the few shows (if not the only show) I can say I *gasp* actually enjoy on ESPN.

PTI is cool in my book for a number of reasons:
1. They only talk about each topic for 30 seconds...not like another show I know that goes on and on and on about nothing indefinitely (ahem SportsCenter).
2. Theres a really useful agenda on the right side that scrolls and adjusts as you are crossing topics off the list (I know they dont really talk about it that way, but thats the way I interpret it).
3. Technically its a sports show, so I get half points with the PHI for sitting through it and actually paying attention.
4. Those Sportscasters are fiesty slightly arrogant sports-know-it-alls. Add those together and you get some parts that really are just straight up funny.

Anyway, hashing out PTIs merits were not my reason for showing up today. I wanted you to pardon my interruption of all things wedding so I could talk about something else for a bit :)

Today, I wanted to tell you about 2 things that are basically changing my life. Thing #1: Mobile email. Okay, so I've been trying to get mobile email for awhile and erroneously thought I needed a blackberry to do so. When I wanted to change my phone but not my plan (about 6 months ago), Verizon told me that was not possible. So I hung up my mobile email hopes and tabled them for when i was debt free. Then I got engaged. And then the PHI and I decided to combine our Verizon accounts in an attempt to save money (thats a story for another time). The plan we ended up with comes with a ginormous amount of minutes and features VZ navigator - our whole reason for getting said plan. However, it also has mobile email and some other crap I kinda tuned out and subsequently dont know about. I had almost forgotten about the mobile email until PHI brought it up one day and I started to check it out. After figuring out how to even get to the email, I quickly opened it up and there was my most of its text only glory! How exciting! And considering I'm away from email for a large part of Tues and Thurs, it allows me to stay abreast of whats going on so I'll know what I'm coming home to.


My second new love is one of google's fab products. Anyone who knows me and is close enough to hear about the wedding planning know I am obsessed with WeddingBee. I try not to bore people to death with a wedding that is not theirs...I remember what being on the recieving end of the obsession is and I hope that my girls will tell me when they are over hearing about it rather than just suffering in silence - lol. But WeddingBee is awesome in that it allows me to read about, gather inspiration from, and sometimes even help other brides who are just as interested in their wedding as I am in mine. I cant say that I was much of a blog reader until fairly recently. Yes, there was my favorite cupcake blog, but that had gone to the wayside when I started planning our wedding. Then theres WB and whatever links to other people's blogs that I come across. Enter GoogleReader. Seriously, its changed my life. Basically what it does is it brings all my blogs to a central place. If you leave the window open, it will automatically update itself like gmail does. And I can star things, email things, make lists public, etc.

Simply stated: its pretty awesome.

And I now am subscribed not only to wedding blogs, but also to my beloved cupcake blog (and I may add a couple others but I really only love one), Obama's shared articles, and my wedding photographer's blog.

*bigger swoon*

Okay, I need to get back to "work." I was poking around on wedding sites and ran across an article on sweetheart tables. And considering mom keeps asking me about various decor aspects, I figured it might be a good idea to start collecting decor ideas in general. All sweetheart tables are not created equal, and I want the whole team to have a really good idea about what the aesthetic is not going to be.



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