Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We know I love you can love her too!

Yes yes, another photography post.

I promise I'll chill out about this soon. But it occured to me that you probably hadn't seen any of her work! You need a visual, so I'm going to stop chattering so we can get to the goods. These pics are of Jamel and Marissa's wedding in DelrayBeach earlier this year. If you remember, I previously posted about doing my due-dilligence on selecting this photog...this couple was one of the references, and if you read that post, they obviously loved her. Now you'll see why.

Ohmigosh, this pic makes me want to wear a veil. I hear that this bride&groom under the veil pic is very popular...I hadnt seen it before and I love it. PHI also seems to be very into the idea of "revealing me after I'm pronounced as his wife" <-- his wording.

I just love her work and I'm so excited about her capturing our day. Seriously, when I'd found her, I knew....kinda like when I met the PHI.

Happy Wednesday!


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