Friday, September 5, 2008

Dress Update: I ♥ LadyT and Living by the Girl Scout Law

I'll admit I'm an eager beaver. A girl who has bought 2 wedding dresses (well, bought one, exchanged it for another) in the 4 months she's been engaged is definitely an eager beaver. And as I've mentioned before, I really underestimated how difficult wedding dress shopping would be. Because of my experience thus far, I am afraid to fall in love with a dress. And am forcing myself to wait months prior to ordering/purchasing another one.

Yes, I said purchasing another one. Seems like thats going to be my fate. But I'm getting ahead of the story...let me back up.

Yesterday, I went to a bridal salon after work in Atlanta. It specializes in Plus Size wedding dresses. I had a fabulous time there! The ladies were so nice, the dresses were gorgeous, and the best part is that I had to be clipped into more than one dress because the dress was too big! Yes, the dress, not me, was too big! That feeling alone was worth the trip.

You're probably asking a few things:
1. What made you go there? and Why didnt you start there?
2. Why do you now ♥ LadyT and who the heck is that?
3. You seem to have found another dress, what does it look like?

All really good questions. And numbers 1 and 2 can be answered in the same response:

After I posted about finding another dress, the anxiety of telling mom, and the unknown as to how it fit, LadyT, my "blog friend" suggested I take a road trip to Bridal Mart in NC to try on dresses in that style. If you recall, the new love was a mermaid-y style dress with a plunging v neckline and a chapel train (you probably couldnt see the train really). It occured to me that a 5 hour road trip to try on a dress unofficially opened up the dress shopping can, and if I was going to dress shop, I may as well do it properly this time. The first time I was not living by the Girl Scout Law...I was not using my resources wisely.

Did I know about this PS Bridal salon? Yes.
Did I know its hours of operation and its location? Yes.
Was I too lazy to go check it out fearing the worst? Yes.
Do I feel kind of bad about it? Yes.

And despite traveling to yet another salon by myself (MJ and I are planning a trip - I will not buy another dress without her), I really got alot accomplished. I know for a fact that
  • mermaid dresses
  • dresses with sleeves
  • v-neck dresses
  • dresses with straps
  • dresses with too much decor
Are NOT the hotness on me! Yes, the list is that long. I;m going to call that list The Forbidden Dress Qualities list. Which relegates me to finding an interesting a-line strapless dress to rock on my wedding day. Why do I ♥ LadyT? Because she warned me and inadvertently encouraged me to re-open the dress search. Why should I live by the GS Law? Because if it was, inaddition to being a sister to every girl scout, I would have been to SilverLining to check out their selection.

You live, you learn, and you drop knowledge on other people!

So, I just want to warn my 'maids: I am now going to be really gangsta about you trying on a dress before you select one. Dresses on the models online or in the store look awesome. They could look like something else all together on your frame. I want my girls to look fab on my day too and the best way to do that is to know what NOT to wear.

Alright, I haven't forgotten about your third question. As you can probably surmise, the previously mentioned new dress is not happening. Its got 3 of the Forbidden Qualities! I did find a dress that I love that is strapless, a-line, but has a little something extra going on. I don't have great pics of me in it, and MJ and I are making a date to go and try it on so I can get good pics. Its at the top of mom's original wedding dress budget, but she didnt blow her top like I thought she would when I quoted the price.

I told the ladies end of the year and I meant it. I'll probably need that time to try it on a few more times and be 100% sure. I do know I love it, its different, and it doesnt look like I purhcased it at DB. Dont ask me why, but thats kind of an issue for me - that my dress looks like I got it from DB.

Okay, running off now. If you get a minute check out LadyT's blog here, or Silver Lining's website here. I'll keep you posted on the dress front!

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  1. oh my! i'm in the title!

    gurl, i am soo sorry for being late in checking you out. i have been in the invitation twilite zone...that is not where u want to really isn't.

    a pls size bridal salon! thats whats up! as i was dress shopping, i was strongly considering quitting my job and opening such a salon. the dress shopping experience was not cool for me....i didnt start having fun until i headed to Bridal Mart (3.5 hrs for me) and i agree, being clipped into dresses(!) too big is an amazing experience. did wonders for my self esteem!

    i'm so glad u got to try those dresses on. now, you can feel good about your dress decision and never wonder "what if?"


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