Friday, September 5, 2008

ORG Idea #2:

It is with great sadness that I add this item to the ORGI list:My beloved cocktail napkins.

I can barely keep myself together enough to type this, but they are just not in the budget. Not before Dress #2 and definitely not after. These beauties would cost me about $40 for 150, which is really alot of money for napkins when you think about it. Just napkins. Napkins I absolutely love. *sigh*

So I'm adding them to the list in the hopes that one of my faithful readers will get them for me or will send their link to mom so she can order them for me. And if the wedding comes and goes, or I think they're going to stop making them, I promise: I WILL ORDER THEM MYSELF.

They can be found at here. Citrus green is wedding-pefect. All the colors are perfect for everyday use.

You've been warned :)


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