Monday, September 8, 2008

Latest Wedding Idea: Fiesta

After the show its the after party and
After the party its the hotel lobby and
After the Belvedere its probably Chris
and After the original its probably this
-- Fiesta (Remix), R. Kelly

One of the benefits of having a morning-ish wedding is that you have the rest of the day to enjoy being married.

Another benefit of any wedding is having an afterparty. And I've been secretly wanting to have one of those. Shhh...dont tell anyone. This is between me and you.

The idea was fleeting at first. Actually, no. I didnt understand why anyone would have a party after just hosting one of the most expensive parties ever. But then I decided that I didnt want the PHI and I to leave for honeymoon that night and maybe hang out with family/friends after. Mom shot that down...she didnt understand why I'd hang out with these people after just hanging out with them all day. So I let it go.

Lately I've been microwaving-up (i.e. re-warming up) to the idea again. I mentioned it to Dani and she didnt really get it at first. After I explained I think she was marginally on board. I havent mentioned it to the PHI becuase he worked last night and has not yet officially risen from the dead. Mom will hear about it after I get some feedback. I'm learning that sometimes when it comes to this wedding thing she's going to ask why, but ultimately go along with whatever I've come up with.

So youre probably wondering what I'm thinking.

If we do anything, it would be an informal kind of thing. Perhaps meeting up for drinks post wedding (like 8 or 9ish) or having some kind of gathering at one of the hotels (again, with drinks and food).

I just feel like I'm going to want to spend more time with our peeps that are coming in for the wedidng!

Ooh, the PHI just rose from the dead. I'll ttyl. Fiesta fiesta!

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  1. Hmmmm conceptually the idea is sound...however, i worry that an after-party will interrupt the post-wedding bliss that you get a single shot to enjoy...there is only one wedding night. I guess conversely when people do wedding weekends there is usually wedding on saturday and then sunday brunch so seeing folks again after the wedding isn't unheard of. It just seems like at the end of your biggest most specialest day, the bed and PHI will be the the things you'll want to spend the most time with....


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