Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cake a year later?

Everyday I get emails from brides.com telling me about cool and unique things I can do to put our special touch on the wedding. A lot of them I save. Since its coming to my Gmail, I can easily add it to the wedding folder for safekeeping/searching when I come back to it.

Today I got a jewel. The PHI and I had totally planned to do the whole cake cutting thing and mom has asked what were going to do with that top layer of cake, considering we were planning to eat it (or at least try) on our first anniversary and would probably be leaving straight from the Palm beaches to go on our honey/mini moon. I didn’t have an answer really – I knew someone would figure something out or it would live in mom’s freezer indefinitely.

From brides.com:

Instead of freezing the top layer of your cake to eat on your anniversary, arrange for the baker to create a mini version of your wedding cake to be made one year later.

Genius, right?! I have no idea what it will cost, but considering one of my cake choices include a cake that Publix has in its special cakes booklet, I feel like they will be making it or something very similar for a while.

This may just work folks…I’ll keep you posted.

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