Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The aisle needs a little ♥ too

When the PHI and I first started talking about getting married, I immediately started doing some research. Everything I read online said that there are a gazillion options for personalizing and decorating, and that that you should spend as much time as you can looking into your options. So far, that's totally been true.

One thing that caught my eye: personalized aisle runner.

And when I started looking at the cost, I let that little dream fall by the wayside. They are expensive! But there are lots of brides who with a little bit of creative know-how are making their own! I haven't fully researched all the ins and outs of it, but I know you need a design, an aisle runner, and some craft paint.

I have the paint which I used to paint our custom cake topper (more details later), and we have an aisle runner that the PHI's Kia sister gifted us. I just didn't have a design, or even a serious contender until now.

I love the elegant simplicity of the Scriptina font. Dani and Brew say I like it because it looks like my handwriting (it kinda does). And its all over our wedding - the invites, the save the dates, the favors, the programs...its going to be very popular. Naturally, Scriptina will be on our aisle runner. Oh, and hearts. Hearts will be on the aisle runner. Enough chatting, here are the contenders:

#1 - Scriptina names, with S for our last name

#2 - Scriptina names, no S

#3 - Simple scriptina monogram

So whatcha think? Do any of the speak to you? Should I put my paint away and go back to the drawing board? Suggestions for making them better? Puh-lease let me know.


  1. I really like the initial monogram...very elegant :)

  2. I vote number 1 or 3...2 is cute, but I must say that I am a fan of simplicity (hence my vote for number 3) yet I am obsessed with monograms (vote for #1).


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