Monday, October 6, 2008

I Think I Have an Event Planner

I know, what a random title for a post, but that’s seriously my thought. I think I have an event planner.

When I think of event planner, I (perhaps erroneously) think of a wedding planner. Which I don’t have. You get me. Patti = wedding planner. I also think of event/wedding coordinator – which I do have. Kind of. That’s for another post. But event planner? What is an event planner really? Someone who plans (or helps take care of the details) for the event. Okay, so maybe I do have one of those.

The whole reason I’m talking about this is because I’m going home on Thursday (so excited!) to take care of some wedding business. One of my first things: a hot date with the Himmel Theater and my contact Linda from Continental Catering. I usually call Linda my caterer, cause she’s that’s how I met her…when I started asking about catering. And she works for Continental Catering. But title on her email signature is “Event Planner.” Now that I think about it, she is handling not only the food, but the set up for the ceremony, transitioning the ceremony space to the reception space, and the timeframe that’s required for all of that to happen.

When I look at her that way, caterer seems like such an understatement. I remember when the PHI and I met her, she mentioned that she was the lady to handle the day of details (in addition to whomever is on my team). That was comforting at the time, and It’s still comforting today. I feel like my wedding (ahem event) is in good hands with Linda.

So ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have an event planner!


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