Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Color Me

I know yesterdays post was a little melodramatic. So today I wanted to show you something I am straight up excited about....this:

Those are colored crinolines folks. For you non-brides, the crinoline is the part of the bridal-undergarment-arsenal that makes the dresses poof. And even if you don't want the mega-poof, its recommended that you wear one to keep your dress from getting caught up between your legs (which these gowns will do if left to their own devices). I think I first read about coloring my crinoline on WeddingBee. And then today I was reminded of it being on my list when I saw this pic on Holly's blog by way of Brandi's blog (no, I don't actually know any of these people personally, but bear with me).

I've already recruited MJ to assist (gotta love my bridal attendant) and have done some preliminary research on dyeing these things. According to the RIT dye website, I'll need one bottle of kelly green and one bottle of yellow to achieve the kiwi/chartreuse color I am going for. Or maybe I'll do a plum color to match the 'maids dresses...we'll see. I'll be sure to tell you all about what we did + pics when were done.

I know some of you are thinking: Will anyone see my crinoline? The answer is "probably." I hope my photographer will catch a few pics of it. And some of our guests may peep it during the reception since the PHI has plans to walk the line of indecency when he retrieves the garter. If all else fails, it will be one of those small details that I will cherish when I think fondly of our wedding day. At the risk of sounding bride-zilla, I really don't care if you see my crinoline or not. I'm doing this for me. If you enjoy it too, then that's just fabulous.

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  1. Colored Crinolines.
    Your bridal attendant loves you too.


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