Monday, October 27, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

I had a good weekend on the wedding front. For starters, I have a dress. Yes, you read that correctly...I have a dress! I'll explain more later, but I will say that MJ and Naima both saw me in it (and gave their seals of approval) and I will be purchasing it on sale(if you consider 15% a sale). There, that should tide you over for a couple of weeks until I unveil a teaser pic of the dress :)

But now that I have a dress, I have like a gazillion other things to be concerned about. I have completer issues, things like: what kind of shoes, how are you going to wear your hair, what are you going to put in your hair, what kind of veil, jewelry, undergarments, etc etc etc.

And that's just the beginning. Since this dress has a train (okay, you managed to squeese another dress detail out of me), I have to figure out how to bustle it. Bustle! I know nothing about bustles. I've been trying to get some information online and I got a good start on the bustle wiki from WeddingBee.

According to WeddingBee, there are two types:

* Over bustle (also known as a traditional bustle)- A bustle that involves lifting the train and securing it to the waistline or back of the dress with hooks and eyes or buttons.

* Under bustle (also known as a French or Victorian bustle) - A bustle that draws excess train fabric and fastens it underneath the top layer of the wedding dress with ribbons. These bustles are tied at places called "points". The number of points determines how complicated the bustle is and also decreases the chance that it will become undone during the reception. Typically, French bustles usually have 3 or 5 points.

This is an over bustle:

And this is an under bustle:

(both images from here)

Right now, I'm leaning towards an under bustle, but I really am not sure yet. I haven't been able to find a pic of a dress like mine bustled to get an idea of what it might look like. There isn't any embellishment on the train (geez, that makes three dress details) so I think the under bustle will be flattering without sacrificing some detail (that doesn't exist) on the train.

This is one of those details that really wont be situated from months. And I'm okay with that. However, its also illustrative of the pitfalls of progress. You think you're doing fine with your list. Even managing to cross some things off. And mysteriously a whole lot of other things happily take its place. So yes, I've selected a dress, but now I get to deal with headpiece, undergarment, accessory, and bustle shopping/ name a few.

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  1. I like the under one the best. I think that it allows for more movement.


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