Monday, October 20, 2008

Not a bird or a plane...a pomander!

Mom and I spent alot of time discussing weddings. Like, so much so that it prompted my self-imposed vacay from the wedding.

One of the things Mom and I came up with (while discussing ways to decorate the location) was to hang flower pomanders from the ceiling. Let me explain: Theres a catwalk that hangs directly above the center aisle. We thought it would be cool to hang round orbs from said catwalk. Not only would it provide some aerial visual interest, it would serve as an abstract ceiling thingie. Something like this:

They would need to be big if they were going to be seen from the ceiling. Like beach ball big. Eventually we settled on using large paper lanterns as the base. But what to cover them with? We definitely wont be making them out of live flowers. It adds a time and budgetary constraint that we just cant accommodate. The next logical step was silk flowers. Silk flowers can also be pricey (I'll save that rant for another post). Now paper flowers? Those may work. Tissue paper flowers to be exact.

I googled tissue paper flowers and ran across Amanda's post on her VintageGlam Blog. She used paper flowers based on Martha Stewart's tutorial found here. Generally speaking, she takes ALOT of simple tissue paper flowers like this:

and turns it into this:

(First image courtesy, second and third courtesy VintageGlam Blog)

Aren't they just fab! You can read about exactly what she did here. Can you imagine big white green and plum ones hanging over the event space? Okay, maybe you can't...its okay. The PHI usually needs to see a visual too. Mom and I have plans to make a mock-up when I'm home in December. We'll be using Martha's tutorial as well, and the plan is to hot glue the tissue paper flowers onto the paper lantern. If we like what we come up with, we'll be making plans to get our little crafty hands on as much tissue paper as we can manage and I'll be making paper carnations until the cows come home.

I'm pretty excited. Anyone know where I can get a paper lantern for cheap for the mockup?


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