Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Having a minor crisis

Hello my name is Patti, and I love teal.

In fact, teal is one of the few colors that makes it on the ever-changing Favorite Colors list* I also love the way teal looks with kiwi.

A couple days ago, I found myself saying to the sales lady at New York and Company that if I had to do it again, I would do a kiwi and teal color scheme. Why the hell were we talking wedding color schemes? I have no idea. Why the hell were we even talking about alternative color schemes? Still..no idea.

I feel guilty for even considering alternative color schemes. Like terribly guilty. I know, I know. Its my purogative. I'm the bride, its my day, blah blah blah. No one will really care but me.

I could change the accent color, right?

So that's where I am folks - considering changing my accent color. And pulling together examples of it in action/contacting my team captains to get their input.

Before I run, there are some things that are stalling my teal-kiwi dreams:
1. How much money will I have wasted on plum things and is it possible to re-use or exchange them for teal?

2a. If we bring teal on board, lets do it full force - make it an official color, and maybe use plum (at least those plum flowers I purchased) as an accent.

2b. How would I incorporate teal into the color scheme?

3. Am I going to get some drama for changing my mind about another (this time more central) detail?

4. Is teal fall enough? Plum was my in...it gives off a fall vibe. Does teal? Its South Florida..so does it matter?
As a parting gift, I'd like to leave you with a real-life example of kiwi and teal in action. Vera Bradley does it beautifully**.

Vera Bradley's Peacock

I feel the guilt subsiding already. Its amazing how much better I feel after simply admitting it aloud. I'll be back later with an update...if were changing the color scheme, I'm doing it today so I can start strategizing.

*Officially, I don't have a favorite color. But teal, red, camel and bright green consistently make the list.

**Oh Vera, how I love thee...I couldn't count the ways. On topic, Peacock is the official accessory inside my famously large handbag. I have the small cosmetic, change purse and checkbook holder.


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