Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My budget's saying NO, but my heart is saying YES

I dont know why I was on Etsy this morning. Or why I searched for personalized cocktail napkins when I know they are not in our budget. I KNOW WE CANT AFFORD THEM.

Surprisingly, its one of the traditional wedding things that I'm hesitant to let go of. I love the idea of napkins with our names/initials on them. Maybe this isn't about napkins at all...maybe its just because I like things with my name on it. I digress.

Unfortunatey (for me), my Etsy search turned up a viable option:

Etsy seller: southmain
Products: napkins or coasters
Price: $15 for 100 (one ink color)
Variety of napkins and ink available

I ♥ them. And I'm really digging the coasters moreso than anything. I don't even know how many I would need. I guess I could just order them for our house (before or after the wedding). Am I willing to fight for them? Or (more responsibly) cut something out of the budget to accommodate them?



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