Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Cant Have Enough Shoes

Despite me gushing about those Nine West Shoes the other day, I'm still on the search for wedding-day shoes. Or at least, shoes-I'll-try-to-wear-as-long-as-possible on my wedding day.

So today, I present another "pair for thought."

both shoes, so you can get the full idea

a bit of detail

I found these here on Zappos, and after looking at their Zappos bio and considering them in the context of my wedding day look, there are at least a few concrete reasons why I like these shoes:

1. Aesthetic appeal. These shoes are pretty cute. And sassy. Enough said.
2. Color. These shoes appear to be in a lovely buttery ivory color that I think would complement my dress nicely.
3. Bling. Unofficially I seem to be into bling...or at least bling continuity (since the dress has it, the hair will have some, etc). This would be just enough to have a little foot bling without channeling my inner bridal Dorothy.
4. Price. These could be mine for a manageable $65. Not bad. Plus, because its Zappos, there's free shipping both ways - score!
5. Style. I've tried on shoes like this before, and I like how they look underneath wedding dresses.

However, there are a couple things that give me pause:

1. Heel height. Those are some pretty tall shoes! 3.75 inches to be exact. I'm sure I've worn almost 4 inch heels before, but those are the kind of shoes you'd need to beef up your leg exercises for.
2. Location. As awesome as Zappos is, I wont know if these are a disaster (which they very well could be) unless I buy one or two pairs and try them on in the comfort of my own home. Not a terrible development, but not the most convenient.
3. Coordination. Closely related to number 2, I dont know if the shoes will actually match unless I order them and essentially hold them up next to the dress. I dont need them to match exactly, but they need to coordinate. In essence, they need to not not match.
4. Re-wearability. I'm not sure I'd be able to wear them again. Perhaps I could dye them, but I'm not sure the ivory are dye-able. My perfect wedding shoes would have a re-wearable quality.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I like these shoes, but I have some issues with them. I think I can firmly say that I'll keep these saved in my GoogleNotebook and check on them periodically to see if they go on sale. I have lots of time to pick out shoes, right?

How did you decide what shoes to wear on your wedding day? Did you make a pro and con list or did you just go with your gut?


  1. I totally agree with not having enough shoes. I love shoes. I have already picked the shoes for my wedding but I am still looking at others.

  2. Me too girl. I think that's why its such a struggle. I just love shoes, but reality keeps trying to kick in.

  3. I had made a mental list of what I wanted -- little to no heel, sandal, in the ivory color scheme, and with some bling. Then, when I saw THE pair I bought them, and LOVED them. They are so re-wearable, but I still haven't broght myslef to wear them again. :)


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