Friday, November 28, 2008

ORG Idea #3: Can you hold my stuff Vera?

In honor of black Friday and in the spirit of all that is holiday shopping, I figured it was time for another off registry gift idea (ORGI). Because lets face it, I'm always loving something. The wedding's new color scheme lends itself nicely to one of my favorite brands: Vera Bradley. I'm not so into the purses, but the totes and luggage make me swoon. I could add Vera to our registry, this is what I'd register for:

to hold my clothes:
Garment Bag in Peacock, retails for $130

Large Duffel in Peacock, retails for $80

...and a good bit of my cosmetics
Hanging Organizer in Peacock, retails for $48 my carry on/in the car bag
Large Backpack in Peacock, retails for $90

...and for my laptop
Laptop Case in Peacock, retails for $38

As you can see, if left to my own devices, I'd be completely Vera-d out (yes, moreso than I already am). Traditionally I usually go for the travel-type bags: the cosmetics, the duffels, the totes. I heard they're retiring (Vera speak for discontinue) Peacock soon which means they are going to be putting it on sale. In typical ORGI fashion, don't be surprised if you see me with some new Peacock gear. ♥

{all images courtesy Vera Bradley}


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