Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2-getha 4-eva

Initially I was going to talk about this with the other website post, but I realized that even my most faithful readers were probably ready for me to hush. So today I wanted to (briefly) discuss an unexpected by-product of the website redesign. Yes, I have another reason to thank Ellie.

See, when we first started discussing fonts for the site, I was still firmly in the land of Scriptina - even when I started seeing it all over the place (most recently last night on a billboard for a new subdivision). Well, when I mentioned it, Ellie gently told me that it might be hard to read (even as titles) and that she had some suggestions for scripty/readable alternatives. One of the combos? You guessed it, Freebooter Script and Century Gothic (a Microsoft Word staple).

I didnt plan on making font changes. But when I saw them together on our website draft, I was sold. Now I cant imagine them not being an item. Yes, they're going to be together on everything!

Freebooter Script + Century Gothic
2-getha 4-eva

You've been warned.


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