Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Temporarily satisfied

I promise I've been working on wedding things, even if I havent been blogging about them. Most of the things are still kind of in the pipeline, or are supposed to be a surprise for someone special.
This is one such thing. You know how I ♥ these coasters? Well, since I've been told on multiple occasions that I dont need them for the wedding, I decided to get some a gift for someone else!

As you can imagine, I cant really reveal the design - it would totally give away the recipient. But what I can say is that I love Etsy and that Jenna from Southmain has been a dream boat to work with. When I initially contacted her about designing some coasters, she informed me that she wouldnt be able to make until after January 1st and if I needed them before then she couldnt help me. Well, we all know the wedding is still months away, so we were a go. At that point we proceeded to nail down a design, a font, and an ink color. It took surprisingly more messages back and forth than I imagined. Fast forward a week or so, and I believe I can check one more gift off the list! I imagine they will be produced and delievered in January - with plenty of time to spare.

Unfortunately, I've had so much fun designing the coasters that I really want coctail napkins (again) for our wedding. I could get 200 for less than $30 and supplement with white or ivory ones. I'm seriously tempted to eek some money out of the budget to get them. Like, I've-already-started-brainstorming-designs tempted. I've already started working on the design and they have this yummy teal that would be perfect. Consider me temporarily satisfied.

I'll let you know if I order napkins. Try to act surprised :)


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