Friday, January 30, 2009

Can I have one of these?

(found it here)

I haven't given a whole lot of thought to ceremony decor. But I do know that I want something like this up at the altar. I think I've been avoiding thinking about ceremony decor because I haven't been able to get this (or something like it). But that time is over. I'm going to use all my little resources to accomplish this for our ceremony. Painted a soft ivory, or stained dark cherry (oh how I ♥ cherry wood). With better greenery and fewer flowers.

In the meantime, how would you decorate your ceremony space? I still need some ideas for the rest of it!

Before I go, I know I've been absentee this week. And I feel bad about it. I've been swamped with school, work, I know I owe you the follow up to the veil series, and I'm dying to show you our save-the-dates. The PHI is away this weekend, so lets pencil in some quality time together this weekend, k? Just you and me.


  1. lol. similar to a chuppa at jewish weddings.

  2. I can ask my Opa where he got ours. It was unfinshed and unassembled. He did all of the painting and detailing. We now use it as a "headboard" of sorts over our bed until we have a yard to put it in.


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