Sunday, February 1, 2009

STDs Update

Not the diseases, but I dont think you'll like what I'm about to say very much either.

See, I had fully planned to share my save-the-dates (yes, thats what I meant by STDs - lol). But then I realized it was completely unfair to our guests. Its important to me that the recipients have a chance to oogle them before I share them with the Internet. MamaP hasnt even seen them yet!

Because you've been so patient, I will give you a little bit of insider info. This is the stuff that I've been cookin up in my little head that I haven't shared with the PHI yet. Uh huh, that kind of insider info.
  1. They have these on them, but of course I had to put my stank on it (read: I created my own version and they're much cuter now).
  2. The PHI didn't see them until after I ordered them. I know, bad girl. But thankfully he trusts my judgment.
  3. Each one is about $.29 (card+envelope) before the stamp. Nope, not joking. Fab+ Cheap = Gotta love it.
I really hope its okay that I'm not unveiling them this weekend. The plan is to shoot them out 6 months before the RSVPs are due...March 1st. We can wait til then, right? In the meantime, I promise to prattle on about all kinds of other stuff to keep you distracted.

Cool...only about one more month to go.

*take my word for it


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