Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Veil Talk: How do we feel about these?

Yes, my friends, that is a birdcage veil. And here are some more:

(I got all the pics from here, here and here).

All of a sudden I am very interested in them. Birdcage veils are pretty vintage and are quite the rage right now, even going into the 2009 bridal season. I wouldnt really use "vintage" to describe any aspect of my personal style...I consider myself to be more of a classic kind of girl.

Are birdcage veils too "vintage" to be "classic?"

Idunno. I wish I knew someone who owned one so I could get a feel for what it would look like with my dress*. Don't get it twisted - it would NOT replace the cathedral length, classic veil that I plan to wear down the aisle (still undecided if I'm doing a blusher). This birdcage would be more of a fun thing to wear to the reception and/or afterparty. Wouldn't that be fun? Afterparty head gear? Hmm...

I digress. I just wanted to run this by ya'll to get some feedback.

Whatcha think? Let me know...leeet me kno-ow (in my best Aaliyah impersonation)

*or what I'm claiming as my dress, since I have yet to purchase one. I promise I'll buy something by February.


  1. I like them. I am actually making one for my wedding. Everytime I put on the traditional veil it made me itch. I really did not think it fit my style. You might want to check some of your smaller bridal stores or vintage bridal stores to try one on to see if you like it.

  2. OMG, I am the biggest fan of birdcage veils!! I am actually trying to incorporate one into my "going out" gear!!! I LOOOOOOOVE the vintage look!

    and it def works with the hairstyle you want!

  3. The first pic makes me smile and if u go with a more vintage look then you can rock a red lip which you can pull off flawlessly :)

  4. @Dana: Thats a good idea about visiting a smaller bridal store. I've been researching them online and I may be able to pull one together fairly inexpensively...even if I dont actually wear it.

    @Adei: You should totally incorporate it into your going out wear! And I can totally see you in one.

    @redandbrown: We all know how much I looove red lipstick...although I haven't worn it in ages :)


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