Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hair Twins/Criteria

I have no idea where I got this pic from..sorry.

[By some stroke of divine intervention, Bride-to-be Patti just happens to be within talking-distance of Angela Bassett, while holding the picture displayed above.]

Patti: (trying to play it totally cool) Hello Mrs. Bassett, my name is Patti, and I love your work. Having a good day?
Angela Bassett: Hi Patti, you can call me Angela...and yeah, I'm having a pretty good day.
Patti: Thats awesome. Mrs. Bassett, I mean, Angela, could I ask you a kind of random question?
AB: Sure.
Patti: (while pulling out a printout with her pic on it) Can I be your hair twin?


Okay, so I wont actually be walking up to Angela and asking if I can have hair like hers, but I will say this is definitely the front-runner on the wedding hair list. I love how its pulled back, yet still full, touchable, and romantic. It also looks like she could pull out the bobby/hair pins and have a head fully of sexy wavy curls.

I have this thing about not being able to comb my hair. If you see me in my everyday life, I generally am wearing some version of my wrap. I need to be able to control what it looks like. I don't like gel or hair spray becuase you lose that control - when you take that hair down, what do you have? Usually a gelly-sticky mess. No deal. As such, its really important to me to have some semblance of a 'do after the wedding. If that means I'm taking it down for the afterparty, then cool. Even if it only means I can take out the pins and wrap it before bed (wraps can be sexy ya'll), I'll be happy. All that to say...for Criteria #1: workability, it could work.

And then there's the issue of the weather. SoFla in October is still...well, its still pretty humid. And with a press, I know I need to have my hair pulled back. Actually, if were being totally honest, I probably need to have it off my face too - but humor me as I pretend as if my hair hanging on my neck and back are my only potential hair issues. For now, this style satisfies criteria #2: weather.

Criteria #3 is a no brainer: fabulousity. You know her hair is fab.

Last, but not least, what ever I go with has to satisfy criteria #4: accesorizability (yes, just made that up) - specifically, it has to allow for both a veil and a flower "adornment." I love how in this particular picture, she's not only wearing dangly earrings (my current plan), but I can visualize a flower being pinned on the side (like I plan to do). Only thing she doesn't have is a veil. (But why would she have one of those on, right? LOL.) Still not sure which veil I'm going to sport down the aisle. I'm kind of tabling that until I have a gown. Kristin graciously offered to make me one (especially a not too complicated one that I'm considering) so once I have a dress and work out the veil vibes its giving off (yes, just made that up too), she and I can chit chat about design.

I'll probably be thinking about hair more and more as March approaches - I'm planning on being back in SoFla and hopefully working on a hair trial. In the meantime, we'll roll with the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I like your hair Angela. I like it alot.

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  1. you press your hair?! OMG! GET IT!

    and angie's hair is too fly!

    i really thought you met her and had this conversation! i had to re-read! i'm so gullible :-(


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