Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I just have to say that I've had a fab valentines day so far. Last night I made these White Chocolate Mocha cupcakes for the PHI (its his favorite mixed coffee drink). Which look absolutely delish. I'll try and get a pic later.

Then this morning I got to sleep in. Like, really sleep in. It was wonderful.

The PHI ran out to get something and pick up breakfast. I'm getting my favorite Pecan Pancakes from Cracker Barrel! So excited. I ordered him french toast, hashbrown casserole and his eggs scrambled soft with cheese. I'm going to make a good wife..I know exactly how to order his food for him.

I think the reason for him venturing out is he's picking up my gift. The PHI really enjoys giving gifts. They may not always be wrapped (sometimes he surprises me), but he knows that its the thought that matters with me. So if my flowers are from Walmart (like they were last year - ah-mazingly gorgeous), thats fine with me. If my gift was purhcased day of, that's okay with me too. If you have to call me and ask me some details about what I wanted...well, thats just giving it away. And pretty funny.

Daisy. He called to ask me about a fragrance and I thought he was talking flowers. LOL.

I have to deliver cupcakes to my other valentines - my hairdresser Tess who I could probably call my hair whisperer for how she's able to turn my long mop into something luxuriously sexy time after time. And one of my favorite people MJ. She's working today, with her crazy co-workers. So she could use a little pick me up.

The PHI and I also talked about catching a movie. And I'm making Shrimp and Crab Gratain for dinner. I found the recipe at my beloved Publix last night (yeah, I know...pushing it at the last minute) and knew that I could whip that up with a tossed salad and some french bread (and a bottle of wine) for a very sexy but simple Valentines Day dinner.

These days, I like the idea of Valentines Day not being a big production. Idunno if I always felt that way. I really feel like its a day to show your love to the people you love. And that it doesn't stop with your sig.o. I sent MamaP and MamaD flowers, and if I were there, I'd bake for them too. Nothing says I love you like something fresh from the oven. You'll know you're loved if I take requests :)

Plus, today I'm officially taking leave from wedding planning. Just for today. Initially, I promised myself I wouldn't crack open the laptop. Obviously that didnt happen. Mostly because the PHI left to run errands. But when he pulls into the driveway, I'm snapping it shut again.

Happy Valentines Day from the PHI and I! We ♥ you!


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