Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Makeup Chronicles: Intro & Manifesto

I've added another thing to my DIY makeup!

Unlike most of the things that made the list, I wasnt sure I wanted to tackle this. I also wasn't sure where the money, the time to do makeup trials, and the energy to find makeup artists was going to come from. Interestingly, MamaP assumed I'd just do my own makeup (but has no problem saying she'll need some help for hers). In her words "I do a good job." To some degree she's right. And as I get older, my makeup application technique gets better. I know that blending is the best thing since sliced bread, and that you can add more at any time, but its more difficult to take it off when you've overdone it.

The real reason I know I can handle this DIY Makeup? Because I want to look like me, only purposefully glowy-er: my foundation will be matte, my eyes will pop, my cheeks will be shimmery and, and my lips will be glossy.

This is my wedding-day makeup manifesto.
And I can definitely handle it.

I'm still working on the gameplan. Thankfully, I updated my every-day makeup not too long ago, and discovered a wonderful matte foundation in the process. I tend to gravitate towards shimmery pinks, peaches, and bronzes, so we'll be sticking with those. I've been investigating some new products to add to my arsenal, and plan to stop by a few makeup counters to pick up some tricks and techniques (and try out colors of course).

When I'm done, I'll look like myself, only better.
These are the Makeup Chronicles.


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