Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The writing's IN the pen


I ran across this unique DIY project for dressing up pens for the wedding. Essentially, you type your message in some word processing software, unscrew the bottom of the RSVP pen, and slide your message in. Think: message in a bottle. The color and ink combos are pretty much open - as long as you use something that will be legible through the plastic barrel of the pen. You can find the full instructions here.

We only need pens for the guest book. And it might be cute for the hostesses to have "wedding pens" to cross names off the list as people enter the reception. I was planning to use those Sharpies that are thin like pens and don't bleed for the guest book, but this may be better. If not, I think it would make an awesome addition to our out of town boxes/bags.

Whatcha think? Personalized perfection, or taking it a bit too far?


  1. Nice hostess pens, can you find something a little prettier for the wedding guest book? We see RSVP pens all day, every day. Mother of Pearl just came to mind...

  2. that's extra. i agree w/stace on making it pretty.


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