Wednesday, February 4, 2009

[morning musings]

So, I've been thinking....

I don't think I want to have a garter/bouquet toss. I have my reasons:
  1. I think they're kind of antiquated. Right up there with head tables and ugly napkins.
  2. They're kind of weird and awkward. And its never enough that you go up there, you're supposed to actively try and catch the bouquet. The last one I went to, I didn't even try. The PHI however, was all for catching the garter until he saw me actively not trying to catch the bouquet. However, the one time I did catch the bouquet, I simply raised my hands in the air and it fell into them. About 2 months later I met the PHI. Maybe there is something to it - lol.
  3. The rules about who counts as single are fuzzy at best. If you're in a relationship, are you single? Or is it if you're just not married?
  4. Selfishly, I fully anticipate loving my bouquet and garter and wanting to keep them. For me. I'd be willing to toss an alternate (think: less cute version) of my bouquet, but I don't want to wear 2 garters. Hell, I'm not wild about wearing one, and I don't want the one I had made thrown to some guy. Oh and there's the whole thing with the PHI wanting to be terribly inappropriate during that part- with my Granma watching (!).
So obviously I've given this some thought. Whats the hold up, right? The PHI.

For the most part, my baby is as traditional as he wants to be. If its something that people do at weddings, he (sometimes erroneously) assumes we're doing it too. This idea has been stewing in my mind for awhile, but I held off because I wasn't sure if this was battle-worthy*. Well, yesterday, I bit the bullet and asked him what he thought. And what did he say? Two fairly succinct things:
  1. Its tradition, so he assumed we would (toldya...I know my man)
  2. If I didn't want to, we didnt have to.
Ooh I love that man. Seriously.

Now the ball is back in my court. And I'm passing to you. What do ya'll think? Garter toss: antiquated or fun?

*you know, you pick your battles with your sig.o.


  1. the thought alone makes my skin crawl a bit.....i just...sigh..there is something odd about me letting you traipse under my dress to find a glorified scrunchi...sweets..(sigh) bless his sooo excited about the level of debauchery he will bring to this part of the reception...too bad it won't happen. AND i don't participate in the toss @ all.ever....i don't want the bouquet and some random man is not scrunchii-ing me....ok im passionate abt this...i didn't realize i was...i'm done

  2. I WAS excited about some garter debauchery but i guess i was mistaken... i could see where the concern lies now... to bad SOMEBODY never told me that i was just dreaming! oh well. i'm all for the secondary bouquet however. good idea.

  3. i don't particularly care either way- doing it or not. and you are so right about having to drag people up there. i stand in the back or off to the side with my hands near my side if i go up at all. i saw one girl SPRAIN HER ANKLE trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding. NO. MA'AM.

  4. oh yeah and who keeps thrown garters and bouquets???? i thought they were ALWAYS returned to the couple.

  5. yeah, bouquet/garter toss is embarassing for all parties involved. chick who caught it looks desperate and probably broke something to get the bouquet and the groom usually throws to garter to a mob who quickly dissipates upon toss.

    i happened to catch the bouquet at tia's wedding (kali's sis) but the reception was in a hall the size of the band room.


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