Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Got a Cake!

Today, MamaP, my BFF Brew (who's also a groomsman) and I went to have a cake tasting. MamaP suggested Lorene from Lorene's Loving Oven to bake our cake because she'd had Lorene's pies when my uncle passed away several years ago and was impressed by the quality. Lorene is a professional baker whose product really does taste homemade.

I was a bad bride, and didn't take any pics at the tasting - of the adorable little cakes she served, or us eating said adorable cakes. When I stopped by on Tuesday (on a whim) She asked what I'd be interested in tasting and I told her we wanted to taste the standards, as well as their specialty: butter pecan. She also did a small cake in fondant, because I told her I wasn't wild about it and MamaP and Brew had never tasted it. The verdict? It tasted better than I thought it would, but it still felt a little weird in my mouth. Like, the texture is so different from the rest of the cake, there's a little fondant left in your mouth that you have to kinda chew separately.

When I say it that way, it sounds gross, doesn't it? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound gross.

Anyway, we (mostly me) ultimately decided to have three tiers: the bottom tier will be a white cake with refreshing lemony custard filling. The middle tier will be red velvet with creme cheese frosting in the middle, and the top tier is chocolate with a fudge filling. The whole thing will be covered in vanilla butter cream.

As much as I love our cake, we are almost doubling our cake budget. And I cant pretend to be thrilled about that. As many of you know, the plan from the beginning was to get our cake from Publix. I love Publix. But as we moved along, the idea of getting our wedding cake from (my favorite) grocery store became more unsavory. I thought talking to the baker would make me feel better, but it just made me more uneasy. I was looking for someone to bake our cake without realizing it. So when MamaP suggested Lorene, and the cake was delish, I was sold.

I'd love to say we'll find some where to cut so that we can afford our cake. But we might not...and were getting it anyway. The deposit is paid. It is going to be SO GOOD. So good that people are going to be trying to take cake home. You'll see.

How do you feel about cake? Do you love cake too? Are you making it a priority at your wedding or are you willing to spend a little less so you can spend a little more elsewhere?

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  1. what happened with Publix? I LOVE pub and would eat their cake EVERYDAY son I figured wedding day shouldn't be different.

    I am a cake person. But, I want to have a small, to die for cake for me and my hubby and the guests can have regular, but still good cake. I can't spend too much money on something that many people may not eat.


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