Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Makeup Chronicles: Learning Lashes

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After I got my makeup done at MAC, I fell in love with the look of false lashes. Problem is, I've never applied them myself before. In a perfect world, I'd pop over to the Sephora across the street from the HHT. Since I'll be made up and dressed by the time Sephora even opens, that's not really an option.

So my bcurrent plan is to purchase some cheapies from my nearest drugstore and practice practice practice. That and watch a bunch of YouTube videos.

I found one today that I wanted to share with you ladies who are interested in developing/perfecting your own fake lashes technique (lol). Lo of Lo&Co (a professional make-up artist and WeddingBee Pro blogger) posted this entertaining how-to video for applying false lashes.

Not only was it hilarious, I really learned alot. I think I'm going to try my first lash application soon. How about you? Anyone feeling like the bold and beautiful and interested in doing them yourself? If so, wanna compare notes?


  1. that's what i heard you should do if you're going to do your own make-up. let the pros do it first and practice before your big day!

  2. The very first time I did my lashes it was great....the only caveat is the adhesive and the color that it dries....mine was a little white...but I lined my eyes in black and it has a silver effect (which matched my ensemble so I didn't complain). The second time I tried the lashes it crashed and burned. So...I learned...give yourself plenty of time to play with them. And look for an adhesive that dries clear(even though i think that's what mine claims to do) or black(which is what I'm on the hunt for now).

  3. Yes I have been playing with lashes for a while now. I have never made them out the house with them on but that is my next goal. Like Dani said they do have some that claim to dry clear. I had pretty good luck with the CVS brand. Are you applying the whole strip or just individual lashes by lash. I've learned that the whole strip is much easier and use a toothpick to smooth on the glue that way you do not have that much excess left over. Happy lashing!

  4. Ya'll are supportive. I love it! I had heard to buy the allegedly clear glue (I hear Duo is the brand to purchase), but I hadn't heard the toothpick trick. I can definitely see how that would help make extra glue look more purposeful. Adding it to the list of materials.

    Ya'll rock my sox!

  5. I've always wanted to try but I'm afraid of getting glue in my eye and going blind. I'll get brave and do it tho, I just need an event to be Lash-i-licious at!!

  6. I used to lash ALL the time for dance..its scary as first, but once you do it a couple of times its all good. We used to use Duo glue I believe, and we would cut the lashes depending on the look/amount we needed. Some times just for an extra oomph we would only use half the lash strategically placed. I heart them for the dramatic effect. With the location and time of year for my wedding I was deathly afraid of something melting and going astray or I would have lashed


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