Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Show Me

On Sunday, I got to attend my first bridal show as a bride. As you can see I was pretty excited. Not only because it was my first one, but because I got to spend a good part of the day with some of my favorite ladies: MamaP, my MdOH (maid of honor) Dani, and Godmommy.

{l to r: MamaP, me, and Godmommy}

{l to r: me, MdOH Dani, and MamaP}

With less than 7 months to go a good bit of our wedding is already planned. However, bridal shows can be an excellent resource if you need inspiration or vendors. We went to a show down in Miami (which~60 miles away), and many of the vendors don't do events up our way. No biggie. MdOH Dani and I did see a DJ that was promising, so I went on their site and sent an email. We'll see.

By far, the best part about a bridal show is the inspiration. There were tons of food displays, flower arrangements, and just general decor. If you don't know what you might want your wedding to look like, popping by a bridal show isn't a bad idea. Here's a sampling of what we saw that day. MdOH Dani took all the pics because she rocks...and my hands were full.

They try to make up for the mass chaos at the beginning by giving us food...

How fab is this creation? I know it reads very tropical at first, but I think this would be an awesome addition to any cocktail hour or buffet set up. This booth also offered chocolate covered strawberries (See em? Bottom left corner). I could care less about that cheese, I was all about the strawberries.

SO cute! Too bad they tasted like crap.

There were also quite a few table scapes...

This blue, yellow and white combo just felt refreshing. I'm not sure I'd decorate a wedding reception table this way, but maybe a brunch or some other kind of ladies luncheon. I so want be a lady that lunches...hint hint. LOL.

If we were having sit down meal, we would totally have menu cards. I know they are a waste of paper, but I love them! They're an excellent way to add color to your tables, and provide another opportunity to use the wedding colors in the paper-goods. Plus, if done right, they are really chic.

And we mustn't forget the flowers...

MamaP and Godmommy love Calla Lillies. I like them okay. The bottom bouquet looks like my FSIL's bouqet - which was quite lovely. I'm just not a Calla Lilly girl.

This green and white arrangement is much more my style. Fabulous!

Oh and we absolutely loved this topiary. Perfect for a garden party themed wedding (or a bride that just loves topiaries). The vendors at this booth were giving out free roses to all of the ladies - everyone had a rose. I looove big lush romantic roses, and these pink ones were beautiful. Sorry, no pics.

I feel like bridal shows are part of a bride's rite of passage. You're expected to go to them and (believe it or not) alot of times brides can get in free. I'm thinking this might be my only one for my wedding. It was a fun afternoon, and I got a serious sugar high from the free samples (esp. the mini doughnuts, the Doubletree cookies, and the ice cream bar). But there were a gazillion people there, the people were poorly herded, and some wedding vendors are very very pushy. Overall, the fun times definitely outweighed the logistical difficulties. Have you ever attended a bridal show? Whatcha think about it?


  1. i def. want to go to one one day. never been so far. my cousin had menu cards. gorg.

  2. i (surprisingly) like the topiary! the flowers are GORGE!!

    Ummm, you're not having a sit down meal??? are the guest going to stand at a bar??

  3. @Adei: LOL. No, I probably said that wrong. People will be sitting down, but its a buffet. So its not like there is a planned course order.


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