Sunday, April 19, 2009

DIY Week! (a.k.a PDI Week)

Starting tomorrow, this upcoming week is going to be all about the DIY. I've been plowing through my list of to-dos (and shamefully adding things) lately, and its time for me to get you, my lovely readers, all caught up.

As I look over my DIY list - which I should really call PDI (for "Patti Did It") - most of the things I'm going to share this upcoming week would fall squarely in the Details category. Generally speaking, I loove details. Not just for weddings, but in my daily life as well (hence the matching small cosmetic, checkbook cover, and coin purse that live inside my handbag...that no one ever sees). Naturally, our wedding would have some delicious little details that only I - and now you - may actually notice.

Which is just the way I like it.

So stick around this week while I show, tell, and flex my creative muscle a bit. I cant wait to hear what you think!


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