Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Do Vera, Do You?

As many of you know, one of my favorite Vera Bradley patterns, Peacock, is being retired (well, its in the process of retiring...think of it as being in the DROP Program). Its also considered an unofficial wedding color. This has worked out really well in my opinion because not only do I have a real life example of how the colors work together, it gives me a quasi legitimate reason for buying up Vera Bradley products in the name of the wedding - lol.

MnOH Krissi and I are the Vera girls in the bunch. I can thank her for referring my favorite Vera retailer (that doesn't charge me sales tax for shipping to FL and gives free embroidery), and always being supportive of my Vera purchases. In fact, just recently during my pocket square post, she suggested Vera as a way to incorporate the color scheme while giving the guys a lil sumthin sumthin different.

Ya'll will be very proud of me. When it comes to issues of menswear, I feel compelled to run ideas by the PHI before I act on them. So when MnOH Krissi mentioned Vera, I loooved the idea.

She even suggested that we use these napkins and cut them down to pocket square size. Their Peacock pocket squares would coordinate, not exactly match, but it would still be an interesting pop of color, right?

Wrong. When I mentioned it to the PHI (obviously thrilled and excited), he calmly told me that he would wear a Peacock pocket square if I wanted him too but he did not think it was a good idea for the groomsmen. I love that the PHI is willing to wear what I ask, but that was the whole point! The PHI is still scheduled to wear a bout, and it looks like the guys will be in black pocket squares.

You wont even really be able to see the black pocket squares against their black tux!

I digress.

So I'm taking a small loss on the menswear front. I'm okay with it. As my consolation prize, I'll just continue to purchase Vera for myself. The PHI doesn't have to do Vera the way I do. He doesn't have to like it at all really. As long as he can stomach carrying them for me, its ALL good.

So tell me, is it just me, or do you like Vera too? Guys, would you wear Vera menswear? Even if a bride asked you to?


  1. this is the 7th time I'm posting this... let's see if it works from the PC (since the sidekick was perkin)

    I LOVE Vera!!! OMG, I've always loved paisley so having an accessory in paisley form is ALL ME!!

    I have some of her early prints. apple green with white blossoms (blue center) and forest green paisley all over totes and my fave, the villager in an older version of raspberry fizz. its more like peach sherbert...

    I thought it would be AWESOME to have the guys wear peacock pocket squares! a pop of color and whimsy goes a long way! but, PHI is a guy speaking on behalf of guys... and its his wedding too...

  2. We know I LOVE Vera and have the half a closet worth of accessories to prove it. I can not quite get Jay on the bandwagon of sporting it (although he now does not fight me when I purchase it) but Kods is all about it! He peacock-ed it to prom last year - tie, cufflinks, and pocket square, and he owns like 5 other ties.

  3. i'm not a fan of vera but peacock is the only fabric of hers i kind of like. and even still i just have a planner. that's plenty for me. i don't think i'd ask my guy to wear it since i don't exactly like it.


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