Monday, May 11, 2009

small setback and a bit of news

I have had quite the adventure since the last time I posted.

For starters, I went to DC for my cousin Natalie's graduation from the real HU, and had a blast. So much so that part of me wanted to stay in DC...the part that powers my laptop! Luckily, I was already on adaptor #2 that was purchased from BestBuy sometime last year, so while out channelling my inner housewife, I picked up a replacement. For some reason, I was able to get a cheaper one. Temporary setback, but now were back in business.

And on to the news. Were going to bullet this list to keep it simple, k.
  • I got a call from the 'Maids dress shop (not to be confused with the Bridal Gown dress shop) saying that their dresses will be back by the first part of August! Eventhough MnOH Krissi told me that she placed the order, I was still pretty excited to get that call.

  • On a related note, MamaP and I paid off my dress last week! I realize that you don't know what it looks like (and sadly, I'm not telling you), but its still pretty exciting to have one less bill to pay. Along with the dress being paid off, that means our cake is paid off too. My gown is a gift from MamaP, so we tag teamed to pay off these two line items - she made cake payments while I made dress payments. It was silly to move the money between our accounts when we both had local bills.

  • Remember those table number holders I blogged about last week? No, not the binder clips, the other ones. They arrived today! They are sooo cute. I ended up ordering 15, just to make sure we'd have enough for all of our tables. Hopefully we wont have 15 tables, but in the event we do, we're properly supplied.
I think thats it. 4 months and 22 days to go. Get ready get ready get ready!

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  1. woo hoo!! i'm sure paying off the wedding dress feels good!


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